Mo’Nique Claims Kevin Hart GHOSTED Her After Promising Help

Lyndon Abioye |

Mo’Nique claims that Kevin Hart once promised to help her get a talk show.

Mo’Nique says Kevin gave her a check to help her and her family out, which she paid back with interest.

The star says Kevin did try to get her on the phone with Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry but they were not interested so he said he would back any project she wanted.

“Whatever y’all wanna do, I will partner with you. I’ll executive produce with you. You just let me know what you want to do,” he allegedly told her.

Mo’Nique claimed that when she tried to take him up on his offer, his manager told her that he didn’t want “anything to do with” her. Mo’Nique says she talked to Kevin, who informed her that is was a “miscommunication” but she says she never heard from him again.

That was two years ago. Kevin Hart has not addressed her claims.

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