Monica Says The Music Industry Forgot About Her

Lyndon Abioye |

Monica wants the industry to put some respect on her name after putting out hits for decades.

“What I learned in those moments is that there’s a plan for all of our lives,” Monica said. “It’s orchestrated by somebody bigger than every person in this room. What was meant to happen was for my life to change that day. And I was able to really enjoy my career because I didn’t have any expectations.”

She continued, “I was not looking at stats, I was not worried about awards. I’m actually a person that, for all the records that I’ve broken, I really have never won any awards. I’m really the most forgotten. If you think about it, I’m pretty much the underdog, but I sit very comfortably in it. Because I can still go where I want. Do what I want. Live how I want. But when I say that I am often forgotten. I was hosting the Soul Train Awards! Was nominated for five, three of my songs in one category, and still lost. But I went out to eat and kick my regular sh-t after! I was not bothered because that’s not what I do it for. That is really my point when I say that, often times, I’m forgotten in those spaces.”

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