Monica On Why She Jumped Into Crowd To Rescue Beaten Woman

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Monica went viral after she jumped into the audience at a recent show to rescue a woman who she saw getting physically assaulted by a man.

The incident took place at a festival in Detroit. Speaking to CNN, she explained why she reacted the way she did to the violence.

“Simply put, I didn’t want to see her hurt or harmed, and her not make it back home after coming just to be a concertgoer for myself and Ashanti who was also on the show. You know, these concerts have become what almost feels like a dangerous space and place, and I just really want that to change,” she told the outlet.

Monica continued: “So, that was just when my instincts kicked in. I do not feel like I’m some form of superhero in any facet. But I did what I would hope that someone would do if they saw that happening to my aunt or mother, I could tell that she was — she’s definitely elder. And there was a level of fear there for me, just watching what appeared to be a situation that could have been escalated even further, I was simply trying to de-escalate it. You’re supposed to be having a good time. Everyone is supposed to make it back home to their families. And every person that travels with me knows how I feel about people.”

Was Monica right to dive into the crowd?

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