Monica From Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Criminal Past EXPOSED!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Monica Garvcia from the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s criminal past has been exposed. Media Take Out learned that the housewife’s mugshot has been making its rounds across social media.

We have the tea …. and it’s not quite as juicy as you can imagine.

Monica was arrested many years ago, for unpaid traffic tickets. The tickets ballooned up to a whopping $100 – and that’s when the court issued a warrant for her arrest.

After the Housewife was pulled over, 5 years ago – the warrant was discovered and she was taken into custody.

Here’s her mugshot:

Monica decided to speak up about the mugshot pic circulating online telling her fans that her pas “doesn’t define her.” According to Monica she doesn’t have any problem “taking responsibility for her sh**.”

Media Take Out confirmed that, once arrested, Monica paid the $100 fine and was released from jail.

And here’s Monica’s response:

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