Monica, 41, Visits Her Longtime Prison Bae, C-Murder, 51

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R&B singer Monica Arnold went to prison over the weekend – to visit her longtime prison bae – C Murder, MTO News has learned.

Monica and C Murder were high school sweethearts and Mo has been the rapper’s pen pal for nearly 20 years – as he’s been behind bars.

So what did C Murder do to get himself locked up?

On January 12, 2002 C Murder allegedly beat and fatally shot a 16-year-old fan named Steve Thomas, at the Platinum Club in Louisiana. The fan reportedly asked C Murder for his autograph, and the rapper beat the fan nearly to death, then shot him.

On August 5, 2009, the murder trial began. The father of the victim spoke of his son being a fan of C-Murder before the incident. A bouncer also testified against Miller, saying he witnessed the shooting. He expressed fear of repercussions for his testimony. Prosecutors also charged C-Murder’s associates with witness tampering.

C Murder was convicted of second-degree murder. During sentencing, the victim’s father said, “I’m not rejoicing. I feel bad for [Miller’s] family. But at least they can see him. What have we got but a gravesite and a photograph?”

C-Murder was sentenced on August 14 by District Judge Hans Liljeberg to mandatory life imprisonment.

Here are some images of Monica and her bae

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