Momma Dee Accuses Bambi Of Lying About Her Age…”The More She Lie, The BIGGER Her Gums Get!!”

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The beef between Momma Dee and Bambi continues to spiral, and this week, she claimed she obtained a copy of her ex-daughter-in-law’s birth certificate.

Momma Dee says Bambi has been lying about her age.

“So, she been lying to y’all for a long time. She lies about everything, and I’m like, ‘the more she lie the bigger her gums get,'” said Momma Dee.

Bambi has claimed to be 37 but Momma Dee says she is 43.

In the comments, fans responded, accusing Momma Dee of being bitter.

“‘m so sick of this….. She is still the mother of your grand children and y’all have treated her like ISH from day 1. All I can say is KARMA is a itch……” one viewer wrote.

Another added, “Woman, yo old, got sit ur behind somewhere in a rocking chair and wait for them baby mamas to drop of them gran babies. You need to let this go, that’s why scrappy is still a little boy to this day. Chill out nuh granny.”

Bambi recently revealed she would be suing Momma Dee for defamation for her comments about an incident at a nightclub with Erica Mena and Zell Swag. At the time, she accused Bambi of lying to the cops about her age and using a fake ID.

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