Kanye West Getting #MeTOO’d . . . . IG Model Saye Ye Made Her Strip N*ked & Twerk In The Studio!!

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A popular OnlyFans model Aliza was a guest on the Sofia with an F podcast where she made some wild claims about a time she was invited to a studio session with Kanye West and Future.

“I met him [Kanye West] that night, got his number and he went back to L.A. But the next time he came to Miami he was like, ‘Come over to Future’s house, we’re in the studio,'” she said.

“So I go there pulling up because I’m like, ‘They’re in the studio,’ I want to see him make music, I want to show him my music, so I pull up there, it’s at Future’s house. And he literally just has me come in the studio and get butt-ass-n*k*d and twerk in front of him and all his friends.”

While the model seemed comfortable with her actions, many in the comments are blasting Kanye, and saying that his actions towards the model were “exploitative.” Some are even suggesting that Kanye be cancelled f

To the model’s credit – she isn’t trying to #MeToo Kanye . . . at least not yet.

She said they tried to make her comfortable and offered her a drink. The rappers have not addressed her claims.

Would y’all have stripped and twerked for Ye and Future?

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