Mississippi Woman Kadejah Brown K*lls Husband Jeremy Brown on FB Live … As He Tries to Leave For Work 

Iyanna Muhammad |

A Mississippi woman named Kadejah Brown was arrested on Saturday after deputies arrived at her home and observed that she had sh*t her husband Jeremy Brown, while streaming the whole thing on Facebook Live, Media Take Out has learned

According to the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department, the couple began arguing and the man started streaming the conflict on Facebook – to protect himself from false charges Khadijah may have levied against him.

That’s when things escalated, Media Take Out confirmed.

The authorities revealed that the sh**ting happened early on Saturday morning before entering the home, where police managed to neutralize Kadejah, taking the fir*arm from her to prevent her from doing any more harm. 

Inside the property, deputies found the m**der w**pon as well as the bullet casing from what ultimately took Jeremy’s life. 

After arriving at the sheriff’s headquarters, she was charged with the m**der of her husband Jeremy Brown and is being held at the Lowndes County jail.

The statement read, “A 28-year-old male victim who lived in the residence d**d from a single g**shot wound. It appeared that BROWN and the victim were involved in an argument that turned physical.”

“There was a history of domestic violence between BROWN and the victim. This was a tragic and senseless m**der and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victim,” they continued. “Fortunately, Brown is in custody and we look forward to the criminal justice system holding her accountable.”

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