Mike Epps Claps Back At Shannon Sharpe… ‘I’m Gonna See If You Really Bout That!!’

Tiffany Brockworth |

Mike Epps hopped on Instagram to admit that he lied about Shannon Sharpe being gay and that he was invited onto his show.

Sharpe accused Epps of lying and threatened to throw hands.

“You’re lying — you said I reached out to you to come on ‘Club Shay Shay,’ and you a mofo liar,” he said. “Now, when I see you, ’cause I’m gonna see you, I’m gonna see if you about that. I wanna see if you ‘gon say what you been saying… You got mad ’cause Katt Williams did what he did. Now, when I see you, I’m gonna see if you really bout that.”

Epps responded, seemingly confused by the threat of violence.

“They was on ‘Saturday Night Live’ talking about you — imitating you, but now you wanna fight me?” Epps says in the video. “You was tryna get him to talk crazy about me, but he didn’t, okay. Now, second of all, talking about pullin’ up on me. You gon be at the All-Star [game], I’m gon be at at the All-Star and Imma see you, aight? And Imma just let you know, I don’t be doing no fighting lately. So, you know it’s only one other option.”

After the clip, Sharpe later took to X to state that the beef had been squashed. Sharpe apologized for the overreaction.

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