Mike Dean Reacts To Kanye West’s Latest Anti-Semitic Remarks

Mike Dean, who has worked with Kanye West on several of his albums, seemingly reacted to Ye’s recent Hitler praise and anti-semitic rants during a live broadcast with Alex Jones on Thursday.

The producer reshared House DJ Steve Angello’s statement.

“When media attention becomes more important than life itself, you’re on a slippery slope,” the post reads. “Saying provocative things to trigger social media for clicks and action is pathetic.” He added, “Sitting there triggering the minds of less education adults to spread your thoughts like a virus shows pure evil.”

Angello added, “There are people out there on this earth doing incredible things for us humans that deserve all the attention we give idiots.”

Speaking to Jones, Ye said that he “liked” Hitler and praised the Nazi leader as having “good ideas.” Several reports have surfaced online over the past few weeks, claiming Ye regularly praised Hitler. Ye was suspended from Twitter for posting an anti-semitic image.

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