Michigan State Shooter Was BLACK MAN … Anthony McRae Facebook Page Filled w/ BIBLE VERSES!!!!

Jacqueline Thomas |

Last night, Michigan State University was the latest educational institute in the United States to suffer a mass shooting. Media Take Out confirmed that three students were killed, and five others were taken to the hospital with what are being described as “life threatening” injuries.

This morning, police identified the shooting suspect as Anthony Dwayne McRae, a 43 year old man with no known ties to the University. The above photo is a 43 year old man named Anthony McRae, who was arrested in East Lansing for possession of a firearm.

What could have caused Anthony to do such a heinous act? Well Media Take Out managed to locate a Facebook page of a man from East Lansing with the same name (which has now been deactivated) and it’s very strange.

The man on Facebook is believed to be the same man who was arrested on gun charges in East Lansing, the city where Michigan State is located.

On the page, the man named Anthony McRae, posted a series of Bible verses, which made reference to fighting against demons.

Anthony also referred to Biblical passages which referred to sorcery exorcisms and the possession of demons.

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