Michael Rapaport Reacts To Kanye West’s Hitler Remarks

After Kanye West praised Hitler in a live broadcast yesterday, Michael Rapaport dragged the rapper on social media.

“There’s no coming back, scumbag. Kanye West, you miserable muthaf-cka. Gimp mask-wearing ass muthaf-cka. You’re sitting there talking to a person who — God forbid your kids were in that classroom in Sandy Hook — he denied that that happened. That’s where you’re at? And you’re bringing up the most despicable person ever and saying there’s good in him? In a gimp mask?” he said in the video.

“You think that Adolf Hitler wouldn’t have thrown your ass in an oven or shot you in the street and not even thought twice about it, you dumb f-ck?” he asked. “There’s no good in him. And at this point I believe what was good in you is gone. And your mother, God rest her soul, would be ashamed of you. Your mother would have been ashamed of you, of what you’ve become. F-ck you.”

Ye was suspended from Twitter for his anti-semitic posts yesterday.

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