Michael B Jordan’s EX-GF Speaks … Tells What Michael Is Like … IN THE BEDROOM!!!

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Actor Michael B Jordan is a very private person – who rarely talks about his personal life. Well now, for the first time, one of his ex-girlfriends is speaking out – and spilling tea that you ALL want to know about the actor, Media Take Out has learned.

A beautiful Youtube blogger decided to speak on what it was like to date Michael B Jordan, and she had a lot to say.

Their relationship started about 15 years ago, when they were both around 20 years old. Chanel claims that Michael hit her up on Facebook from a burner page. The two had a series of conversations and eventually the two had an intense s**ual chemistry/infatuation right away.

She says many of things people say about Michael are dead wrong. First off, she says he definitely dates black women.

Next, Chanel claims that Michael’s not a push over or corny, at all. The handsome actor is very self confident and set on his goals. But he’s a true gentleman and very sweet and respectful.

Now for the good part – she then went on to the specifics about what Michael was like in the bedroom.

According to Chanel, Micheal has a big d**k, those rumors about it being small are lies. Chanel calls that Michael, “knows what the hell he’s doing.” She continued, “It be the quiet ones, that y’all sleep on … that are amazing [in bed].”

Then she explained how they broke up, and it was Chanel who messed it up. D’OH!!

The relationship started to fizzle out, because Chanel’s mouth was crazy and disrespectful. Michael always stayed respectful, but she wasn’t. Chanel chalks it up to being “young.”

Michael was fighting to save the relationship, and the actor set up a date to meet one last time – to try and save things. But Chanel dropped out – and ghosted Michael – because she claims that she very sick. But Chanel never told Michael that she ghosted him because she was sick, and he was angry and felt hurt.

Chanel stopped talking to Michael for a couple years, and eventually – he BLEW UP!!

After Chanel started seeing him everywhere, especially after the 1st Creed movie, she tried contacting him – but he wasn’t feeling her anymore.

According to Chanel, Michael isn’t big on forgiveness and doesn’t let things go easily.

Watch how Chanel fumbled the bag ….

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