Michael B. Jordan Needed Therapy to Get Out of Depression After Playing Killmonger In ‘Black Panther’

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Actor Michael B. Jordan is saying that he needed therapy to get himself out of the depressive state he was left in from his portrayal of Erik Killmonger in the movie “Black Panther.”

Media Take Out confirmed that Michael opened up and candidly explained how he developed depression while preparing for his role as superhero villain Erik Killmonger in Marvel’s “Black Panther.” He also revealed how he managed to “come out” of the dark experience.

“There’s no blueprint for it,” Jordan said. “I take every job as a learning experience. You know I try to learn something from each one; I try to, I try to grow and I try to grow in – I never knew that I had to come out of a character.”

The Black Panther star continued, “That was the first time I was actually like, not feeling like myself and I was like ‘Man, I’m like depressed.’ ”

Jordan confessed to isolating himself in order to get into the headspace of Killmonger, a character he summed up as an emotionless antagonist. Unfortunately for the 36-year-old, once it was time to move on from the character, he struggled to do so.

“That was a guy that I really cut off a lot of emotions and love you know from a lot of people,” he said. “And then coming out of it I had to kind of … I had to get used to being around family members and friends and being normal and talking about, about regular stuff and it was like it was a whole different thing.”

As his explanation proceeded, the “Creed” actor shined a light on therapy, which he said helped him receive the tools he needed to overcome this “beast.”

“Therapy was something that definitely helped me kind of get out of that and kind of get a clean slate,” Jordan noted.

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