Mexican Female Rapper Spends $500k On Surgery …. And She Wants MORE! 

Tiffany Brockworth |

Mexican female rapper Stephanie Palomares is going viral after she revealed that she’s already spent $500,000 on plastic surgery … and Media Take Out learned that she now wants even more.

What did she have done? Well according to reports she’s had a full on facelift, multiple tummy tucks, extensive liposuction on more tan 90% of her body. And the fat recovered from her problematic areas were redistributed to her hips, thighs and buttocks.

She’s also had facial fillers, a nose job, and va*ginal rejuvenation surgery. An that’s just to start.

Now Media take Out has learned that the formerly beautiful rapper is looking to get even more down. She reportedly wants to have some of her ribs removed, to give her an even more hourglass figure.


To get an idea of just how much she’s changed. This is what’s she looks like after spending close to half a million dollars, and weeks on a surgical table.

Was it worth is?

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