Mexican CARTEL KIDNAP Another Black Woman … Female Rapper KaMillion … EXTORT HER!!

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The Mexican cartels are really going crazy in Mexico. As Media Take Out reported, members of the Mexican cartel kidnapped a group of Black people, who traveled to the country for elective surgery.

Now another Black woman is coming forward, to explain how she was kidnapped by the Mexican Cartel.

While police eventually apprehended the men involved in the brutal kidnapping and slaying of two tourists – it seems like this is a serious problem in the country which shares a border with the United States.

Media Take Out learned that a few months ago, the cartel ran down on another Black women – female hip hop artist named, KaMillion.

The rapper and her friends drove into Mexico and were stopped by a group of men claiming to be Mexican police. Media Take Out learned that KaMillion suspected that the men were really part of a local Mexican cartel.

She explained, “The cartel pulled us over saw money in our bags and tried to collect money or they said they were taking us away . They took 1500 from the stylist and asked where’s the rest. I hid mine but they kept asking for more . Scary stuff.”

“Seeing the tragedies unfold in the media when I came back of people being k**led I feel so blessed. I’m never goin to Mexico again . Literally my worst trip ever. Police Cartel is different shi crazy. I was told They are associated with the cartel and kidnap tourist and extort money.”

Be safe people. Watch:

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