Mexican Artist Peso Pluma Threatened By Mexican Cartel … For Rappelling About El Chapo

Lyndon Abioye |

Peso Pluma, the top streaming recording artist in Mexico (and the 8th most-streamed artist in Latin America), was recently threatened by the CJNG Cartel, a criminal organization based in his home state of Jalisco, Media Take Out has learned.

The CJNG Cartel (The Jalisco New Generation Cartel) is considered to be the most dangerous gang in Mexico, and they are the gang that terrorizes the Mexican artists home town.

The cartel reportedly left a visible message for the 24-year-old on a large banner atop a bridge near the El Mirador subdivision that read:

“It will be your last performance for being disrespectful and having a tongue if you show up, and we will f*cking kill you.”

The warning has caused fans to worry that Peso Pluma could suffer the same fate as Sergio Gómez of K-Paz de la Sierra or Chalino Sánchez, singers who were brutally murdered.

The message was first discovered by officers of the National Guard. Peso Pluma’s next live performance is this Friday at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. He is scheuled to return to Mexico by October 14th for his concert at Caliente Stadium in Tijuana.

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