Method Man Says He’ll Never Perform At Summer Jam Again 

Tiffany Brockworth |

Method Man says he’s done performing at Summer Jam because of the huge generational gap.

Hot 97 shared a reel recapping his performance with Redman.

Meth said that he’s “never coming back,” adding that it was his “crowd at all.”

“Thanks again, New York and the whole tri-state (that showed up to the event), plus Pete and Ebro. I got love for you guys, but never again…at this point, the generation gap is just too wide for me.”

Method Man made headlines a while back when he told the story about the time he almost put hands on Joe Budden.

“Me and Joe, after that whole sh-t happened, ’cause they disappeared. Smart. Good. You should. I would have done the same sh-t. I go to walk back toward the van like, ‘Joe, I wanna talk to you. Where you at? Okay, I’ll go over here.’ We walk over there, we go behind the van. Now Joe, you don’t know this, but the whole time you were talking,” he said to Math Hoffa.

“I was gonna snuff you. But the reason why I didn’t, in that moment, was ’cause you said some real sh-t. Now, I don’t know exactly what it was word for word and sh-t, but it was definitely something that made me think in that moment, ‘Joe’s a very smart muthaf-cka. Chess, not chequers.’”

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