Method Man Clarifies Summer Jam Remarks

Lyndon Abioye |

Method Man addressed his comments about ever gracing the Summer Jam stage again because of the huge generation gap.

The Wu-tang rapper wants his fans to know that he was not speaking from a place of anger.

“I wasn’t mad at the crowd. It was just a generation gap. I showed grace,” Meth told TMZ.

Some people took issue with Meth saying he would not perform again at the even because the audience is too young to know much about his music.

The rapper says he went to the event to pay homage to Mister Cee who recently passed away. Mister Cee Cee (real name Calvin LeBrun) died on April 10 at 57. The news was announced by Hot 97, where he worked for years.

“I don’t think it’s fair. I would never point my finger at the crowd for not liking my music,” he said. “I was there for Mister Cee and it was New York. I figured, I’m in New York, I’m in my backyard. [People] know who I am.”

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