Melle Mel Regrets Eminem Diss Track

Tiffany Brockworth |

Melle Mel says he regrets his diss track toward rapper Eminem after the song was trashed by fans on Youtube.

“In light of the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop, my original intention was to contribute an engaging and enjoyable endeavor to enrich the cultural landscape,” he said in a statement to his fans.

After Melle posted the diss track, fans blasted the OG rapper for his weak bars.

“Out of respect to this legend we will quietly and quickly forget about this,” one fan wrote.

Melle deleted the track from his Youtube account as fans continued to shame him.

He continued: “Regrettably, my response fell short in its execution, and I accept full responsibility for the misjudgment. I acknowledge that my perspective was ill-conceived and I am prepared to take ownership of this oversight. It has become evident that Eminem’s dedicated and passionate fan base stands unwaveringly by his side, which is a testament to their genuine admiration and loyalty—a truly commendable aspect.”

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