Melle Mel Doesn’t Beleive Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar & Nas Are GREAT Rappers

Lyndon Abioye |

Melle Mel doesn’t believe that Jay-Z, Nas and Kendrick Lamar, who all ranked near to top of Billboards Greatest Rappers of All Time List, are great.

Melle Mel made the list, but he was ranked near to the bottom and he has called out several rappers who ranked higher than him on the list.

“What did JAY-Z say that you could consider truly great? You just like the song. As far as how I felt about Hip Hop, I’ve never liked what nobody was doing. I don’t even like the sh-t that I did after I did it. I’m trying to do some other sh-t,” he explained on The Art of Dialogue.

He continued: “It tarnishes the game and then it tarnishes society as well. Don’t take Hip Hop all that serious. The bottom line to all of this, whether you believe there’s one great MC or whether you believe that there’s 500 great MC’s, this is just some n-gga talking sh-t. This is just some n-gga talking shit and everybody is caught up in all that sh-t. JAY-Z, that n-gga can talk shit. Who’s the number two guy on that list? [Kendrick Lamar] is just another n-gga talking sh-t. I’m not gonna put him number two.”

Speaking on Nas, Melle added: “Another n-gga talking sh-t…How you gonna take a n-gga talking shit that serious? Who is this n-gga and what has this n-gga done for you to take whatever has come out his mouth serious? That’s why the streets is f-cked up.”

Is he right?

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