Meghan Markle: I Was NEVER Treated As Black When I Was Growing Up … So I Was Surprised By Queen’s Racism!!

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Meghan Markle is telling the world that she was shocked and surprised by the way British royalty treated her, because she was never treated as “Black” in America.

In Meg & Harry’s new docs-series, Meg claimed that she was never treated like a “Black woman” until she married Prince Harry and joined the Royal Family. The Duchess of Sussex, who hasn’t been on good terms with her in-laws after making allegations pertaining to the alleged racism and bullying she endured while in the UK, is getting candid in her Netflix documentary, “Harry & Meghan.”

In the docu-series’ second episode, Meghan openly shares that she has never had to put much focus around the color of her skin because being Black was never an issue the way it was when she made the move to England.

Prior to settling down with Harry in England, the 41-year-old added that she had never been treated or seen as a “Black woman” back home in Los Angeles, and that that living in the UK definitely started putting a lot of things into perspective.

“Now people are very aware of my race because they made it such an issue in the UK,” she added, referring to the press.

But because of how she says she was treated in England,Meg was forced to reflect on her relationship with her parents, explaining that she couldn’t recall ever having a conversation with them about racism in America — a topic which most Black parents tend to have with their children very early on.

Ummm … OK.

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