Megan Thee Stallion’s Attorney’s SLAM “Con Man” Camera Man’s Lawsuit

Lyndon Abioye |

Megan Thee Stallion’s attorney slammed a cameraman who sued the rapper for sexual harassment.

Emilio Garcia claimed the rapper forced him to watch her have sex with another woman during a trip to Ibiza, Spain in 2022. She says she threatened him into remaining silent about the incident.

“Plaintiff is a con artist who is manipulating the judicial system to act as his publicist and bullhorn in a desperate attempt to boost his failed singing career while trying to tear down the successful career of Megan thee Stallion,” Mari Henderson and Alex Spiro wrote in their response to the complaint.

“Throughout his tenure as an independently contracted photographer and videographer for Ms. Pete and her production companies…(Garcia) repeatedly falsified his invoices and overcharged Ms. Pete for services he never completed and sought reimbursements for money he never spent.”

Garcia also claims that Megan fat-shamed him while working together.

“Angry at the loss of this high-profile gig and his exile from the inner circles of stardom, (Garcia) filed a factually and legally frivolous complaint,” the response continued. “(He) took a run of the mill wage and labor dispute and trumped up his frivolous claims with sensationalist false allegations of sex, debauchery, and workplace harassment for the sole purpose of creating a media firestorm to tarnish the career and reputation of Ms. Pete.”

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