Megan Thee Stallions Attorney: Kelsey Harris Has Been COMPROMISED!!

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Megan Thee Stallion’s attorney Alex Spiro believes Meg’s former bestie Kelsey Harris has been compromised. In court, Kelsey walked back on several statements she’d made to the cops and lied on the stand.

“It just shows she was compromised. Whether a threat or bribe, but we’re looking into it,” Spiro told TSR. “Offered money and then changes testimony; we’ll let your readers decide.”

Spiro continued: “Megan was a victim of a shooting, and the evidence is overwhelming [against Tory]. Kelsey has already said in a recorded interview she saw Tory shoot Meg.”

In court, Kelsey claimed she could not remember a lot of the events from that night. Kelsey said her memories were “blurry” and that they had been under the influence of alcohol.

“What’s going on with you today?” the deputy district attorney asked her. “What happened between September and today? … In September when you spoke with us, you gave us a lot of detailed statements about what happened, right?”

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