Megan Thee Stallion: Tory Lanez Offered Me $1M To Keep Quiet!!

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In court, Megan Thee Stallion claimed Tory Lanez offered her $1 million to keep quiet after he allegedly shot her.

“He started apologizing,” she said of Lanez after he allegedly shot her in both feet.

Meg says Lanez offered her $1 million not to say anything. He told her he was on probation and could not go back to jail. Defense attorney George Mgdesyan told jurors he was not on probation.

“I did not know he had a gun that night,” she said. She then explained why she first told the cops that she had stepped on glass when they say blood on her feet.

“At this time, we were at the height of police brutality with George Floyd,” she said, adding that it was “not really acceptable” for Black people to cooperate with police. She was concerned they would shoot first and ask questions after.

“I couldn’t walk for a while,” she said. “I still have nerve damage. I can’t really feel the side of my left foot. The back of my feet are always sore, but I just push through it.”

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