Megan Thee Stallion Gives ‘CRYING’ Interview About Shooting To Gayle King . . . But Where Are Her TEARS??

Megan Thee Stallion gave an exclusive interview to Gayle King Of CBS Mornings, where she discussed her version of the events that transpired on the night when she claims ex-boyfriend and rapper, Tory Lanez shot at her.


In the interview, Meg claims that she and Tory were having an argument – and that she was “calm.” Meg claims that she never raised her voice or put hands on anybody.

Meg then told Gayle that Tory forced her out of the car, and told her “dance b*t*h” while shooting her in the foot.

Black Twitter is pointing out that while Meg seemed very emotional in the interview, she didn’t appear to shed a single tear – which is strange.

Media Take Out spoke with people close to Tory, who tell a completely different tale. Tory’s team claims that Meg started the fight, with her alleged drunken and belligerent behavior. Tory and his team also say that they doubt Meg even remembers what happened that night – given the amount of alcohol they say she consumed.

And as for the shooting. Tory’s legal team adamantly denies that he is the person who fired the shot. One witness claims to have seen a woman – and not Tory – in the area close to where the witness believes the gunshot originated.

Unfortunately, Tory is barred from giving his side of the story. A judge put a gag order on the rapper – preventing him from rebutting what Meg is putting out.

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