Megan The Stallion Caught Her Boyfriend Pardi CHEATING … Getting Head IN HER BED!!!

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Megan Thee Stallion and her rapper boyfriend Pardison Fontaine split up earlier this year, as Media Take Out reported.

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The couple were nearly inseparable for the last two years. Pardi even helped Megan through the whole Tori Lanez trial.

But he couple mysteriously and abruptly split up this summer, and no one knew exactly why. That is until now.

Last night Med released her newest track Cobra – with a video. And first off, we have to say that Meg is EATING ON THE TRACK. It’s clearly her best song in years, and may serve to re-ignite her career.

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In the beginning of the track, Megan talks about how “just like a shake shed’s its’s kin, we have to shed our past.”

And the track talks about all the drama in Meg’s life in the past couple of years, and serves as a thinly veiled diss track against her ex Pardi. In the lyrics Meg gives the reason for the split – which appears to be infidelity.

Meg raps, “Pulled up, caught him cheatin’, gettin’ his d**k s**ked in the same spot I’m sleepin'” Damn.

Listen to the full song:

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