Meg Thee Stallion Trial Evidence – Jail Call, Kelsey’s Statement, Meg’s Ambulance Footage, Body Cam Footage & Witness’ 911 Call

Meg Thee Stallion was exonerated last week, after she testified in court that her ex-boyfriend Tory Lanez shot her.

Until now, we have never been able to hear or see the damning evidence that got Tory convicted. But Media take Out has learned that the evidence has now been leaked online – an it is pretty damning.

Throughout the trial, followers were forced to listen to bloggers describe the evidence against Tory. And from their description, it appeared that Tory’s legal team may have proved “reasonable doubt” of his guilt.

It turns out, as Media Take Out reported, the bloggers were wrong – and the jury convicted Tory.

But after Media Take Out heard, and saw the below evidence – it’s hard to imagine that the jury could come out any other way.

Here’s the call between Tory and Kelsey, where Tory appears to confess to shooting Meg:

Here’s Kelsey’s videotaped interview with the D.A., where she tearfully describes what happened that night:

Here’s audio of the gunshots, from the night:

And here’s ambulance footage, showing police body cam video from when they arrived on the scene to help Meg:

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