Meg Thee Stallion Accused Of Telling Nicki Minaj To ’Abort’ Son … After Nicki Tweet!

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Megan Thee Stallion is currently going viral all across social media, after fans of Nicki Minaj are accusing Meg of telling Nicki to “abort” her son, Media Take Out has learned.

Nicki’s fans are making the disturbing allegations after Nicki alluded to a “celebrity” trying to convince her to drink while she was trying to conceive her son.

It all started yesterday when Nicki went on social media and began telling a story about how a popular celebrity, once tried to convince her to drink alcohol – even though at the time, Nicki was trying to conceive her son, Media Take Out has learned.

Nicki claimed that when she told the celebrity that she was refusing to drink, the celebrity allegedly told her that she could go to a “clinic” to fix the situation. Nicki claims that her husband overheard the conversation.

Heres’ Nicki’s story.

Here’s the video of Nicki explaining the situation:

Nicki Minaj did NOT name any names, and Media Take Out was not able to confirm who she was talking about. But Nicki’s fans pulled up an old video, from a time where Nicki and her husband were reportedly trying to conceive – and it shows Meg pressuring Nicki to drink alcohol.

In the video, Nicki does not mention that she is trying to conceive, nor does Megan mention any “clinic”, but the fans nonetheless are convinced that it was Meg who made the inappropriate comments to Nicki.

Nicki’s fans directly confronted Meg about the allegations, and Meg denies them. Look:

But Megan’s denials on Twitter have not stopped a firestorm of criticism against her on Black Twitter, who despite hard evidence, has decided that Meg is the person that Nicki is talking about.

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