Meg The Stallion Legal Team Preparing For Tory Lanez Acquittal … Will File ’Wrongful Shooting’ Lawsuit!!

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Meg Thee Stallion’s legal team is preparing to launch a multi-million dollar “wrongful shooting” lawsuit against Tory Lanez, as soon as his criminal trial concludes, Media Take Out has learned.

Megan Thee Stallion

We spoke exclusively with a person close to Megan who told us that the female rapper is preparing to file the lawsuit, in the event that Tory Lanez is found not guilty in his criminal case.

The insider, who spoke to Media Take Out under the condition of anonymity, explained, “This trial has not gone the way anyone expected. It was supposed to be cut and dry, and Meg was supposed to be completely vindicated.”

But the trial hasn’t gone smoothly – AT ALL.

As Media Take Out reported, Meg was forced to admit to lying about the romantic nature of her relationship with Tory on the stand. Her former best friend also took the stand, and suggested that Tory may not have been the one who shot Megan – as the female rapper testified.

And today, an independent witness is expected to take the stand – and suggest that Kelsey shot Megan – not Tory.

Meg’s associate continued, “If Tory is found not guilty, it’s not because he’s not guilty. It’s because the prosecution didn’t prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The insider continued, “[The lawyers] will file a civil suit against Tory, and we’ll have another trial [which will have] a lower standard of evidence – proof by preponderance of the evidence.”

Meg’s associate ended her talk with Media Take Out saying, “The truth will come out at trial. If not this one, then in the next one. Meg will get justice.”

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