Meet The Man Who Beat Jeffrey Dahmer To DEATH: ‘I Did The World A Favor’! (Hero Or Psycho?)

Jeffrey Dahmer, the star of a new Netflix show, was killed in prison, on the orders of vicious gang leaders – who put out a $40,000 hit on the hated mass murderer’s life, Media Take Out has learned.

And the man who did the hit – and took Jeffrey’s life – is now speaking out about what happened in the killer’s final moments on this earth.

According to a new report, leaders of the Vice Lords, a Black gang, despised Dahmer because the cannibal killer had preyed primarily on young Black men and boys in a crime-ridden Milwaukee neighborhood.

In a new report from Radar Online, leaders of the Vice Lords put the word out to inmates that there was a contract on Jeffery’s life. On the morning of November 28, 1994, an African American inmate took the contract – that man’s name is Christopher Scarver.

“Dahmer was the victim of a carefully planned execution. He was targeted for death by the Vice Lords,” a prison employee revealed to Radar Online. “They hated Dahmer because most of his victims were Black and from the Milwaukee neighborhoods the gang controls. So the crime lords put a $40,000 price tag on his head.”

“Since the money was being offered by a notorious drug-dealing gang with plenty of cash, there was little question that it would be paid.”

“The $40,000 was to go to anyone on the outside — a relative, friend, whatever — designated by Dahmer’s killer. A gang member on the outside would deliver the money.”

“Scarver came up behind Dahmer while he was cleaning a bathroom. Dahmer turned and Scarver grabbed him by the shoulders,” the employee told Radar. “Scarver is 6-feet-1 and 190 pounds of solid muscle. He had no trouble overpowering Dahmer — who was six feet tall but flabby and out of shape — and battering his head against the tile floor and wall.”

A barely alive Jeffrey Dahmer was rushed to the nearest hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 9:11 AM. Scarver went back in his cell, covered in blood, and waited for guards.

“He told inmates: ‘I did the world a favor by killing Dahmer — and he wanted me to do it, too. He deserved to die and he knew it!” the insider dished at the time. “Scarver is really a scary guy — a psychopath. He wound up in prison after shooting a guy four times in the head while making another man watch in horror.

“Scarver’s so scary that none of the Black gangs even wanted him as a member. But he knew that killing Dahmer would get him the acceptance he wants in prison.”

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