Meek Mill Rips Grammys Over Killer Mike’s Arrest

Lyndon Abioye |

Meek Mill hopped on social media to blast the GRAMMYs for snubbing Rod Wave and for Killer Mike’s arrest.

“I don’t f-ck with the Grammies … I always to always have big Grammy parties and have the heaviest business and biggest entertainments with us at the night because we actually have real influence on the culture! Grammies is not the play!” he wrote on X.

Killer Mike was led away in handcuffs after being accused of assault. He was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge.

“Propaganda at an all time high too …. I love killer Mike big inspiration to me! He need more awards for the things he does for the culture! But getting 3 Grammies and getting arrested immediately after insanity … they award giving timing is very off to me,” continued Meek.

He added: “To arrest killer Mike immediately after the Grammies propaganda…. A lot of people are questioning the decision making and bases of the award choosing in the gen z era… their timing to award black men be totally off!”

Y’all agree with Meek?

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