MC Shan Defends Eminem…Goes At Dr. Umar Johnson

Tiffany Brockworth |

MC Shan fired Dr. Umar Johnson after he claimed Eminem cannot be a rap G.O.A.T. because he is a white man.

“Mr. Muthaf-ckin’ Umar, you just make everything a race thing, n-gga. Everything ain’t no fuckin’ race thing. Eminem…muthaf-cka, you know that n-gga nice. Em deserves a muthaf-ckin’ slot in this game! Em wasn’t no rich muthaf-cka that come and rob the rap game, and step off. Em muthaf-ckin’ came in this muthaf-cka, he had more problems than any Black n-gga. His plate was just as f-cked up as some of us in the Black community. Nobody’s robbin’ us,” Shan ranted.

He continued: “If you don’t wanna respect him, you do what you do, n-gga. We don’t f-ck with you anyway like that, n-gga. We talk our Hip Hop shit. You talkin’ Black racial, Black f-ckin’ culture rhythm. Yeah, we on that, but n-gga, we don’t f-ck with that sh-t. Leave us over here. Em is down with us, son.”

Y’all agree?

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