Mauricio Umansky and DWTS Partner Address Dating Rumors

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Mauricio Umansky and his Dancing With The Star partner Emma Slater are denying reports that they’re dating after pictures were posted of them holding hands and looking very close.

“We do want to address this story, this whole thing that’s going out and about, about whether or not Emma and I are dating. For full clarity, we are not dating. Um, we are really good friends. Uh, we’ve been dancing together now for six weeks, four hours a day, um, every single day,”
said Mauricio.

Emma added, “You really form a very, very special bond. And I think we have similar personalities … Last week was extremely emotional, so [we have a] super supportive relationship. We’re definitely there for each other, and, um, it’s beautiful.”

@realityblurb RHOBH star Mauricio Umansky and his DWTS partner Emma Slater address dating rumors after they were photographed holding hands after dinner. #RHOBH #DWTS #MauricioUmansky #EmmaSlater #RealHousewives #Bravo ♬ original sound – Reality Blurb

Mauricio claims they are just good friends who went to dinner.

“Lots of the stories are wrong … We had a, it’s a very intense week, a very emotional week. We were talking about the week during dinner. And when we came out of dinner, um, we were recapping [the week], and I reached out, um, to grab Emma’s hand, and she grabbed my hand and, uh, and then we walked, you know, to the cars. Just recapping and summarizing.”

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