Matt Barnes Calls Out Patrick Beverley Over Chris Paul Comments!!

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Matt Barnes called out Pat Beverley after he dissed Chris Paul and claimed the baller should have been benched.

“There’s a thin line between being critical and being disrespectful,” Barnes said. “I feel like what Pat Bev did today was entirely disrespectful. It was out of the line and Pat Bev is talking like he’s that guy. You’re not that guy, plain and simple. If Chris Paul played terrible this year than his numbers are still better than your career numbers have ever been.”

Beverley said:

“He can’t guard. He literally can’t guard,” Beverley told Stephen A. Smith. The Timberwolves guard then went on to compare Paul to an orange cone.

“Man, CP can’t guard nobody, man. Everybody in the NBA knows that. What do we call him? Cone. You know when you do cones? Like, in the summertime, you gotta cone. You make a move. What does the cone do?”

Did Pat Beverley go too far?

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