Masika Kalysha Wants Mystikal In Prison: Lock His Disgusting A*s Up!!

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Masika Kalysha reacted to the news that Mystikal has been arrested for rape AGAIN.

“Mystical being arrested 4 rape for a 3rd TIME only means that he was only held accountable 3 times Smfh,” she tweeted. “Ain’t no telling how many women this sicko actually sexually assaulted. Lock his disgusting ass up & throw away the damn key. He has proven that he doesn’t deserve freedom.”

Cops from the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested the rapper in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

“Once we got there, we talked to the victim, who had some very visible injuries on her body, and she was very distraught,” said Donovan Jackson with the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office per WAFB9. “She talked with us, we interviewed her, and she was able to identify who the suspect was. And in this case, it was Michael Tyler, also known as Mystikal.”

“The victim did meet him at his home and there was some discussion about finances potentially. And from there, that conversation went very far left and it’s what led to the situation where he assaulted that victim. And then, he did eventually force her to give him some money. So, we know that he did know her, and it did transpire at his home,” added Jackson.

The rapper was charged with three felonies and two misdemeanors relating to the alleged incident, including first-degree rape, domestic abuse battery (strangulation) and simple robbery. 

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