Mase Responds To Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Gangster Pastor’ Remarks

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper Mase has responded to Shannon Sharpe clowning him by calling him a “gangster pastor.”

“Your boy chose to target me about the sets and the working out, and all that, he called me a fake pastor and all that. I don’t wanna say his name… When we were talking about the dips and the sets and all of that, and Mike Epps,” Mase said while laughing.

Cam and Mike Epps squashed their short beef last week, but during the beef, Sharpe offered to square up with the comedian.

“He called me a fake pastor,” Mase told Cam. “I wanted to tell him… Listen, Shannon. I’m not the one to play with. Matter of fact, I’m not even going to take that road, I’m going to take a different road with you. Listen, let me start with respect and let me end with class, okay? You started out being very aggressive with Ja Morant’s pops at a Laker game. If you are for Black people, this is not the way to carry yourself.”

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