Married & First Sight Season 16 SHOCKER: Mack And Dominique ALREADY SPLIT UP … And The Breakup Is ‘Epic’!

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Season 16 of Married At First Sight premiered last night, and Media Take Out already has some interesting tea, regarding one of the most popular – and controversial couples – Mackinley “Mack” and Domynique.

According to a person close to production Mack and Domynique have already split up.

The entire relationship seems odd – even by Married At First Sight standards. First off, Media Take Out learned that Domynique never wanted to be on the show in the first place. The 25 year old was “signed up” for the show, by her mom, who is single.

Domynique revealed in a recent interview that her mother signed her up for the show after disapproving of her previous relationships. “I am here initially because my mom did sign me up for this, but ultimately, I did make the decision that this is something that I wanted to go through with,” she says.

Dom says that dating always has a level of uncertainty, but she decided to continue with Married at First Sight because, “[modern dating] just seems like there’s a lack of commitment or maybe fear of commitment, what better way to avoid that than to go into a process, like, knowing you’re going to get married?”

And there’s more issues – namely Mack’s wandering eye.

On paper, Mack and Domynique seem perfectly aligned. According to his Lifetime bio, Mack is “ready to settle down and looking to start a family. He has always put his career first, but he is now looking to build a life with his forever partner.”

Similarly, Dominique’s profile revealed she “is confident she is ready for marriage. When she does date, it is with the intention of settling down and finding something meaningful.”

But in the Season 16 trailer – see below – Mack has already shown to have a wandering eye. When couple Clint and Gina get into a fight over Gina’s appearance, Mack can be heard saying that Gina is “sexy” and Clint is “crazy” for his body-shaming commentary.

Later in the trailer, Domynique is seen calling Mack “petty,” to which he fires back, “I can promise you, you’re not perfect. You do have things to work on, and you should consider that.”

We asked the production insider if Mack and Domynique made it to the end of the show. The insider told Media Take Out, “No. And the break up will be EPIC.”

We can’t wait to see the full season. Married at First Sight Season 16 comes on Wednesdays, at 9PM on Lifetime

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