Married Black Country Music Star Jimmie Allen Accused Of Assaulting ‘Pure’ White Girl! (Wife Left)

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Jimmie Allen, one of the most popular African American artists in country music is facing the scandal of his life. Media Take Out has learned that a white woman is claiming that the star s**ually assaulted her.

And it wasn’t just any old White girl. The woman claiming that Jimmy assaulted her, claims that she was a virgin, when Jimmy stole her innocence.

And now Jimmie’s wife, who is Black, has left him.

News broke of the explosive allegations last week. And over the weekend, Jimmie and his wife have put up their $2.5 million Nashville mansion up for sale on the heels of his divorce, and the bombshell allegations against him.

The home, which is located in Brentwood — a Nashville suburb — is being listed for $2.5 million

Jimmie’s estranged wife Alexis Gale, who’s pregnant with their third child, filed for divorce last week — and then his former business manager, who is Caucasian sued him for allegedly r**ng her.

The alleged incident went down after a taping for American Idol. The woman said she went to dinner with the singer where they had a couple of glasses of wine. Later, she said she lost consciousness and woke up naked in a hotel room.

The woman said she was bleeding from her v***a. The suit said, the accuser “realized she had lost her virginity through no choice of her own and felt she had betrayed her faith.”

She claimed Jimmie took her to the drugstore to buy Plan B and watched her take the pill. After she took the pill, she claimed he told her “You’re mine now.”

Other alleged incidents included him allegedly grabbing her br**sts, putting his hands down her pants, and “harassing her to engage in s**ual conduct.”

Jimmie has come forward to deny the allegations, telling TMZ that there “no truth” to them, and he accused the White woman of trying to squeeze him for money after their 2-year consensual relationship ended.

Jimmie’s career has been devastated from the allegations, as you can imagine. He’s lost a ton of business deals, and he claims he’s being blackballed by the country music community.

Jimmie committed the cardinal sin in the world of country music … He’ll be lucky to come out of this with his freedom

Jimmie is a country music singer and songwriter. He is signed to Broken Bow Records imprint Stoney Creek, for which he has released the two singles “Best Shot” and “Make Me Want To” and the 2018 album Mercury Lane. In 2021, he won the Country Music Association Award for New Artist of the Year, the second black artist to do so (in 2009, Darius Rucker was the first).

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