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Season 16 of Married at First Sight is one of the HIGHEST rated reality shows on television today, Media Take Out has confirmed. The show features five couples from Nashville who have been unsuccessful at finding marriage in real life, and the show hopes to change that.

So how many of the couples actually made it – and are still together after D-Day, the day where couples decide to either stay together – or end their marriage?

Well Media Take Out spoke with a few people in production, and it turns out that just one Season 16 couple opted to stay married at the end of the season. That means four of them are rumored to end on Decision Day.

Here are the four couples that decided to split!!

Mackinley and Domynique don’t make it. According to social media reports, which Media Take Out confirmed with our production sources, Domynique will have a big issue with Mackinley not having his own place in Nashville. The issues bubble up, and the two decide NOT to stay together at the end of the season.

Gina and Clint’s wedding day goes pretty well on Married At First Sight, but it’s pretty clear from day one that the pair didn’t seem to match very well. Eventually the two decided to split, Media Take Out is hearing.

Jasmine and Airris’ relationship was on the rocks from its inception. Airris comes off as being used to one night stands and Jasmine has been hurt in the past. The couple argued on their honeymoon, and continued throughout the season – eventually deciding to split, the insider explained to Media Take Out.

Kristen and Shaqueille seem like the couple most likely to succeed. Shaquille is clearly very much into his new wife, but Kristin doesn’t seem to reciprocate the feelings. The insider told Media Take Out that she just isn’t into her new husband and that she won’t be able to get there before the season ends.

So if all these couples failed, that leaves the one couple to make it ….Nicole and Christopher.

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