Man Who Allegedly Snatched Fivio Foreign’s Chain Boasts During Interview

Lyndon Abioye |

Big Pluto allegedly claims to have snatched a chain from Fivio Foreign a while ago. In a new interview, he talked about why he took the Drill rapper’s chain.

“This is Fivio’s chain, man. It say Fivio on the back. He did this collaboration with this jewelry company called Shop Gold or some shit like that. They made him a real chain and they made duplicates of this chain to sell to his fans and sh-t. I guess it mean demon time, but n-ggas don’t be on that,” he said.

He added: “This the valid one. This ain’t the one that you can pay for. The one that you can pay for, they small, they smaller than this. This the real one.”

During the interview, Pluto admits to threatening an opp, saying, “when I find you, Imma open your buttcheeks and spit in you as*.”

In the comments sections, viewers called his threat suspect.

“Why you shouldn’t want to be in the street it don’t got freaky af out here….a n-gga did it to him now he out for revenge” somebody wrote.

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