Man Suing ‘RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna After She Exposes His Phone Number Online

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A man says he is filing a lawsuit against RHOBH star Lisa Rinna after she posted his phone number online.

“As many know [Lisa Rinna] had millions of individuals call and text me in an online attack which gave millions access to my personal data. I received death threats, racial discrimination, and bullying. Today I sit with my [two] attorneys as we move forward with legal action,” Patrick Somers wrote.

He added, “I suggest you take your post down before I sue you or leak your number since you think it’s acceptable to leak mine.”

He then appeared to post her phone number: “Why are you starting drama with someone that is half your age you overfilled ancient dinosaur[.] Anyways here’s Lisa’s number since she posted mine,” he wrote.

Lisa’s mother passed away and she recently spoke to People about the loss.

“Grief is a tricky little devil. In a week or so, my Mom will pass on the show and I am not looking forward to reliving this but I’m trying to accept what is.”

She continued, “I find it so interesting that rage has been so ever present for me during this time. I wonder if any of you have felt like that during the grieving process? I am having a very hard time but I’m trying to just allow space for all of the feelings. This is probably the hardest thing I have ever been through.”

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