Man BEGS YG To Remove Pic Of His Stripper Baby Mama From Instagram

Lyndon Abioye |

A man is going viral online after rapper YG posted a picture of her working the pole to his Instagram.

The woman is seen with her leg raised as YG looks at her in disbelief…but her baby daddy is begging the rapper to take the picture down.

“I’mma try to keep this short and whatnot. A lot of y’all already know what’s going on, and whatnot, you know, if you’ve been on IG lately. But this is a message for YG: from a real one to a real one, man, I’m asking that you please take my baby mama off your IG with her picture of her, ya’know, bussin’ it all open and whatnot,” the man pleaded.

He continued: “Baby was tellin’ me that she had to go to her sister’s. Her sister’s goin’ through some things, and, y’know, she gotta handle some family issues. So I’m like, ‘Cool. It is what it is.’ You feel me? You know, then I wake up, text message and DMs goin’ crazy. ‘This your baby mama?’ So I go over to YG Instagram and baby mama over there bussin’ it open.”

Fans clowned him in the comments and YG has not removed the pic.

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