Mama Jones Reacts To Jim Jones Saying She Taught Him How To Kiss

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Mama Jones addressed her son Jim Jones claiming last year that she taught him how to french kiss by demonstrating on him.

“I thought that the nigga lost his mind,. When I say lost his mind, it’s okay to say it, but say it…’ Oh my mother showed me how to kiss with her hand.’ You have to show your kid. ‘Cause I don’t want him to be out there and don’t know how to tongue kiss. Now, you got the world like, ‘oh.’ There’s no incest over here at all,” she said on The Bully and The Beast podcast.

On Lip Service, Capo claimed “My mom taught me how to kiss when I was younger. There wasn’t no instructions, she showed me with her mouth,” Capo added.

After the backlash he walked back on his comments.

“For the record, it was a joke. People take things way too far. It don’t bother us anyway, but let’s get it clear… That’s weak what you’re trying to project.”

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