Malia Obama Has A NEW BOYFRIEND . . . And Let’s Just Say . . . She Definitely HAS A PREFERENCE!!

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Malia Obama was spotted recently by paparazzi walking the streets of Los Angeles with a man whom the paparazzi are calling her “boyfriend.”

Media Take Out learned that Malia, 23, and the tall red haired man, walked together as they had coffee, and appeared to be on a date.


Malia is still getting over the breakup of her college relationship. And this appears to be the first man spotted with Barack’s eldest daughter, since that split.

And while the two men look almost nothing alike, they do have a few things in common – like the fact that they’re both tall and White.

As a student at Harvard University, where she enrolled in the fall of 2017, Malia Obama fell in love with one of her classmates — Rory Farquharson. The two dated for Malia;s 4 years at Harvard, but when Obama’s daughter graduated last year, and moved to Los Angles, the two split up.

Here’s what Rory looks like:


Though Malia was a freshman in the 2017-2018 school year after taking her gap year, Farquharson — who is the same age as Obama — was a registered sophomore in the 2017-2018 academic year.

While at Harvard, Malia’s Obama’s interests centered around the arts. Farquharson, on the other hand, may be following in his father Charles’ footsteps. Charles Farquharson obtained a law degree from Cambridge University and is now a chief executive at an investment firm in London.

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