Madonna Apologizes To Fan For Calling Them Out For Sitting During Show…They Were In A Wheelchair!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Madonna issued an apology live on stage after she put a fan on blast at a recent show for not getting up on their feet.

“What are you doing sitting down over there?” Madonna yelled down at the fan from onstage. “What are you doing sitting down?”

The singer can then be seen walking to the edge of the stage to get a closer look. She then spotted that the fan was a wheelchair user and immediately apologized.

“Oh, OK. Politically incorrect, sorry about that. I’m glad you’re here.”

Even though the pop singer apologized, fans still dragged her online.

“Lots of people need to sit down who don’t use wheelchairs, too. This is honestly just gross, ableist behavior. Appreciate that the person purchased a ticket and came to see you!” one viewer wrote on X.

Another added, “But is it an offense to seat down during a snow though
Like what if I feel tired ??”

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