M.I.A. Is Selling A Tin Foil Hat To Project Your Brain From 5G

Tiffany Brockworth |

Singer M.I.A. announced the launch of her new clothing line called Ohmni, on Alex Jones’ Infowars show…and she is literally selling a tin foil hat to project your brain from radio waves ommitted from 4G and 5G devices.

Ohmni claims to preserve “your privacy, autonomy, and rights over your body and your data.”

The singer’s $100 “Tin foil hats,” reportedly block WiFi, 4G, and 5G from “entering your brain” and offer “100% brain coverage.”

M.I.A. is also selling “Protency boxers” ($50) that “block electromagnetic frequencies” and also claim to boost fertility.

“You might think of the war zone as far away from where you are, yet in 2024, even your house is a digital battlefield,” Ohmni’s statement reads. “Future backwards is R U TUF. If the conspiracy theorists are wrong, good for you, you own some beautiful clothes made with pure silver and precious metals. But, if they are right, you just might have saved the future of humanity.”

Her collection also includes a Data Protection Dump Bag for $200, a $100 Brain Protection Durag and a Chrome Anti Trace Phone Case for $50.

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