Lupe Fiasco Says Drill Music Is Not Just Entertainment!!

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Lupe Fiasco doesn’t believe Drill music is just for entertainment…he says the rappers are doing exactly what they are claiming in the music.

“I wish these n-ggas was liars. I wish that drill sh-t was entertainment. And I’m not picking on Chicago. It’s all over the world. N-ggas is drilling and killing all over the f-cking world. I wish this n-gga wasn’t telling the truth, but they telling the truth. And n-ggas just hear it as entertainment. So, when I heard it, I didn’t hear no f-cking entertainment to that sh-t,” he said to XXL.

He continued, “When I hear Pop Smoke, I didn’t hear no entertainment to that sh-t. That sh-t was fun, it was catchy, but, dang, n-gga. We have a problem in New York. We have a problem in London. We have a problem in L.A. We got a problem in Chicago. We got a problem in Atlanta. We got a problem in Texas. We not supposed to be dancing to the sh-t, man, you feel me? This is different. And the only reason I care so much is these n-ggas is 13, 14.”

Pop Smoke was murdered during a home invasion in 2020.

Lupe is promoting his new album “Drill Music In Zion.”

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