Love & Hip Hop’s Tommie Lee Tries TO STAB Natalie Nunn In ENGLAND … Possible Charges! (Video)

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Reality TV star Tommie Lee flew into a rage after she was refused backstage with Chris Brown and his toddler son at his show in London. And the reality star ended up popping off on fellow reality starlet Natalie Nunn, and nearly killed her!!

It all started when Tommie tried to go backstage to meet Chris Brown’s son, and she was denied, Media Take Out confirmed. Tommie, being the classy lady that she is, then went on social media to explain what happened and said to Chris Brown: “F*** your baby.”

Here’s Natalie explaining what happened with Tommie Lee, and how she embarrassed herself backstage at 02 Arena.

After was talking mess on IG, the two ran into each other – at an event in London – and it got violent. During the altercation Tommie grabs what looks like a knife and appears to try and stab Natalie.

Here’s what happened:

The United Kingdom has some pretty serious laws against brandishing knives, and attempting to stab someone. Under their laws, if you stab somebody intending to seriously injure them and they don’t die then the offense is GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm) and the sentence could be as high as life in prison.

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