Love & Hip Hop’s Joseline Allegedly Paid Jessica Dime … To Have Relations!!

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Love & Hip Hop star Joseline Hernandez is going viral today, after one of her former friends is putting their business out in the streets.

Media Take Out learned that Jessica Dime, who also starred in the MTV hit series, is claiming to have had a romantic relationship with Joseline, in exchange for some money.

Jessica spilled the tea on the latest episode of the We In Miami podcast. According to Jessica, Joseline had been trying to date her for years – but Jessica wasn’t interested. One night, however, things changed.

Media Take Out learned that Jessica says that Joseline decided to offer the beautiful reality star money, in exchange for an intimate encounter. Jessica told the interviewer that she’s “about that paper” so she agreed to the encounter.

She described the ensuring romantic moment as “wild.”


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